New building materials

CNDI is specialized in R&D, engineering consultant, design and general contracting of new type wall materials, thermal insulation material, water-proof and sealing material, decorative and finishing material and building ceramic material. In addition to gypsum and gypsum products, the main business also includes the following:

* Building Plastic:Plastic profile, plastic pipe, aluminum-plastic composite pipe, sunshine board etc.

* Waterproof building materials: all kinds of polymer waterproofing materials, waterproofing coating. etc. 

* New-type wall materials: all kinds of self-thermal insulation block, aerated concrete products, calcium silicate board, straw board, and all kinds of composite light board etc. 

* Decoration materials: all kinds of new type of wallpaper, wall covering, floorboards, paint and glass decorative materials etc. 

* Thermal insulation material: all kinds of wool and cotton products, glass products, and calcium silicate insulation products. 

* Sealing material:  polyurethane, silicone, acrylic, elastic sealant and various building sealing material, binder. 

* Building sanitary ceramics: wall and floor tiles, glazed tile, glass brick, split brick, sanitary ware, etc. 

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